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    • Hi Ralph, i saw the miss-match feature when overlapping CRISM on CTX even projecting them to the same map projection. This is because CTX and CRISM are from two instruments and processed differently. So you may use ENVI image registration to co-register CRISM to CTX to reduce the difference (see image registration workflow in ENVI: https://www.harrisgeospatial.com/docs/ImageRegistration.html). Please let me know if you have any question. Thanks, Feng
    • Hi Feng, thanks, I copied the files to the envi directory.  The error message is gone.      Anyway  the images still do not fit. 1) CTX image:        Data http://murray-lab.caltech.edu/CTX/tiles/beta01/E-024/Murray-Lab_CTX-Mosaic_beta01_E-024_N20_data.zip Thumbnail        http://murray-lab.caltech.edu/CTX/tiles/beta01/E-024/Murray-Lab_CTX-Mosaic_beta01_E-024_N20_thumb.png   2) CRISM image ( unprojected) :       frt0000a5aa_07_if166l_trr3   http://themis-data.asu.edu/viewer/crism#P=FRT0000A5AA_07_IF166L_TRR3&T=2           ( all links  to download to ddr1 and img files on the page )   Could the problem lie with the CTX image projection settings ?    Thanks Ralph  
    • Hi Ralph, This is Feng. I will assistant you on this issue.These definitions are in CAT folder: CAT_ENVI -> aux_files -> crism_projection. These are three files in the folder. And you shall copy them to ENVI folder like: C:\Program Files\Harris\ENVI55\IDL87\resource\pedata\user_defined You can check CAT installation guide for more details: step 5 in https://pds-geosciences.wustl.edu/missions/mro/CAT_74_ENVI_5x_Setup_Windows.pdf   Please let me know if you have any question.   Thanks,   Feng  
    • Hi guys, I am using the CAT tool (latest version, 4/8/20)  to map project crism data,  I am not getting it right,   when I overlay the projected data on a CTX image  they do not quite fit.  When projecting  the crism tr3 image using CAT I get  error message shown in the first picture. The CAT instruction  at  https://astropedia.astrogeology.usgs.gov/download/Docs/PlanetaryDataWorkshop/Presentations2017/Monday/Humphreys/Morgan_CATupdates.pdf  tells that "   Where do I get those definitions ?  Is there some .proj  file I have to put into the envi folder/ CAT folder ?  The third picture shows the swipe made with a crism image overlain on the CTX image. Latitude seems to fit, longitude does not.. Thanks Ralph
    • Thanks for the quick response! So that answers some questions but now I have a couple follow-up questions: I'm assuming the pixels are grayscale and that is why it is only one value per pixel. Is that correct? Are there any coordinates associated with the values? This is mainly what I'm looking for. I would love a way to associate each value with a coordinate (x, y or latt, long). Why 16 bit? Can't the pixels be represented with 8 bit ints? This is more of a curiosity question, so no worries if you can't answer it! Looking forward to seeing your thoughts. Thanks again!
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