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    • Hi community,  I'm working with ENVI 5.3 + IDL coupled with CAT 7.4 trying to process TRDR images (.trr3). I'm based primarly on the CRISM data processing workshop from 2012 and 2017 and my worksteps are as follows: 1.- Apply the ATM  corrections with CAT to the images 2.- Apply de map projection fo the image 3.- Obtain the summary parameters image Nevertheless, I have certain doubts about this, so I would be very grateful if you can provide me some help please. My questions are: - Should I obtain the summary parameters and then apply the map projection or it is the opposite? - It is necessary the "ratioing" for the spectra and use the "Flatten summary parameters" option?. I've seen a post where its says that is enough the "Continuum Removed" option - How can i obtain a better resolution for the summary parameters image?. I've seen very good resolution images from papers that doesn't look like what I have obtaining (img_1) - When I create the summary parameters image  the spectra doesn't look like the TRDR pure image because the data values change. Does that mean that I have to use the spectra from the TRDR and the summary parameters image is just like a "color guide" fot the mineral phases? (img_2) Finally, how can I use the summary parameters properly and elaborate mineralogical maps from they? Any help will be very appreciated, thank you. Wladimir wladimiracevedo@udec.cl img_1: The resolution that I'm getting from the summary parameters image after the custom stretch img_2: Spectra for the summary parameters image vs the original TRDR corrected image from the same pixel on both.
    • Tom, I truly appreciate the quick response.   I realize this thread is three years old!   We work with stereo pairs, creating stereoscopic LR and RL cross-view imagery.   This site makes this much easier as you have the images already coupled. Thank you, your response makes sense and was helpful.  Also, I would like to note that the instructions provided for using the measurement tools are very well presented.  Nothing is vague and we truly, truly appreciate the time put in here on everything.  Extreme value.   Jimmy R
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