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    • موسسه حرف آخر جزو بهترین موسسه هایی که من تا بحال شناختم و سراغ دارم هر کنوری چه با سابقه تحصیلی بالا یا پایین با موسسه حرف آخر جز اولی های کنکور میشه چوت موسسه حرف آخر ه ک همیشه در مورد کنکور حرف آخر رو میزنه .https://harfakhariha.ir https://harfakhariha.ir/miladghobadi/ https://harfakhariha.ir/shomare-hesab/ https://harfakhariha.ir/بودجه-بندی-کنکور-98/
    • Iran Space Agency is the National Space Agency of Iran. Its mission is to plan for the use of space and to deploy space technologies in the country using indigenous knowledge and international cooperation. The development of satellite technology and space telecommunications, remote sensing, launch and space transport on the one hand, and the development of human resources, ground stations, and appropriate infrastructures to direct and control satellites on the other are central to the activities of the Iranian Space Agency. The organization is currently developing satellite technology in Iran. The research probe is the latest space rocket tested by the organization. The Iranian Space Agency also plans to send the first Iranian astronaut into space by indigenous technology by 3 years. [1] The Iranian Space Agency has legal personality and financial independence, and is a government agency affiliated with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Managed. [1] It is implementing the decisions of the High Space Council, which is responsible for making decisions about the peaceful use of space in the country. The head of the Iranian Space Agency is Morteza Barari, the deputy minister of communications and information technology, and the secretary of the High Space Council.
    • August 1st, 2019 - New Extended Mission 6 MEX MARSIS EDR and Active Ionospheric Sounder (AIS) Data loaded into ODE. - Updated MEX MARSIS EDR products released through December 31st, 2018 (Orbit 1- 18974) - Updated MEX MARSIS RDRAIS products released through July 2nd, 2018 (Orbit 1844- 18349) See https://wufs.wustl.edu/ode/odeholdings/Mars_holdings.html  
    • Release 21 from the Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) mission includes new data for APXS, ChemCam, CheMin, DAN, and SAM. The data are online at pds-geosciences.wustl.edu/missions/msl. 
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