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  1. June 7th, 2019 - Updated MRO CTX EDR products from August 30th, 2006 to December 1st 2018 (orbits through 57874)
  2. June 3rd, 2019 - MRO Release 49 Loaded into ODE. - Updated MRO CRISM EDR and CDR products from September 27th, 2006 to February 9th, 2019 - Updated MRO CRISM DDR products from September 27th, 2006 to February 9th, 2019 - Updated MRO CRISM TRDR products from September 27th, 2006 to February 9th, 2019 - Updated MRO raw gravity data products released through May 5th, 2019 - Updated MRO SHARAD EDR products from December 6th, 2006 to October 15th, 2018 (orbits through 57279) - Updated SHARAD Radargram data products released through October 15th, 2018 (orbits through 57279). - Updated MRO MCS EDR, RDR and DDR products from September 15th, 2006 to January 31st, 2019 - Updated MRO HiRISE EDR, RDR, anaglyph and DTM products released through April 27th (Orbit 59772), 2019 Please see ODE Mars Holdings – https://wufs.wustl.edu/ode/odeholdings/Mars_holdings.html
  3. You can still use the Moon Equirectangular C0 for the North pole data. You can also use the below Moon North Polar Stereographic projection string when projecting the data. 31, 1737400.0, 1737400.0, 90.000000, 0.000000, 0., 0., Moon North Polar Stereographic
  4. May 20, 2019 Second release of MESSENGER Advanced Products derived from MASCS, GRS, and NS data by investigator Noam Izenberg are loaded into ODE. These products were created external to the MESSENGER mission. Please see below links for more information. http://pds-geosciences.wustl.edu/missions/messenger/izenberg.htm ODE Mercury Holdings - https://wufs.wustl.edu/ode/odeholdings/Mercury_holdings.html
  5. You can use below string in Map_Proj.txt file for the Moon Equirectangular projection center at 0 longitude. 17, 1737400.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0., 0., Moon Equirectangular C0
  6. Hi Arpita, Please read the attached instruction in pdf and let me know if you need more help with the data processing. The source data and the results of Georeference from IGM can be downloaded from the link below. We will keep the link available for one week. Please let me know if you need more time to download them. Thanks, http://ode.rsl.wustl.edu/cartdownload/?requestdir=20190514T14 June Instruction to work with M3 level2 data.pdf
  7. May 7th, 2019 - New MEX MARSIS Subsurface RDR data loaded into ODE - New MARSIS Subsurface RDR data for the extended mission 6 have been loaded into ODE, with coverage through December 26th, 2017 (Orbit 17702). See https://wufs.wustl.edu/ode/odeholdings/Mars_holdings.html
  8. May 6, 2019 – MRO HiRISE Updates - MRO HiRISE EDR, RDR, DTM and Anaglyph data products released through April 6, 2019 (Orbit 59,499) See https://wufs.wustl.edu/ode/odeholdings/Mars_holdings.html
  9. May 1st, 2019 - New OMEGA EDR data for extended mission 6 loaded into ODE Updated MEX OMEGA EDR data products released through June 17th, 2018 (Orbit 18298). See https://wufs.wustl.edu/ode/odeholdings/Mars_holdings.html
  10. Hi BrianK, ArcGIS doesn’t read all of the PDS IMG format data. Some may work and some may not. GDAL is a standard application for changing formats for PDS IMG data. http://www.gdal.org/ (general information and the link to download) http://www.gdal.org/gdal_translate.html (basic GDAL commands) I used Gdal to translate this PDS IMG data product to a Geotif image. Since the MAP_SCALE field has value of "N/A" in the product label, Gdal cannot recognize the pixel size for this data product and cannot make a successful format change for this data product. The data product label actually defined a real value for the field MAP_RESOLUTION. Based on this value and other parameters in the label, there are two ways to calculate the MAP_SCALE at equator for SIMPLE CYLINDRICAL projection. Both way get the same result of 3704.461337 <m/pix>. A_AXIS_RADIUS = 3396.0 <km> LINE_SAMPLES = 5760 MAP_RESOLUTION = 16 <pix/deg> 1) MAP_SCALE = 1/180*pi* RADIUS/ MAP_RESOLUTION 2) MAP_SCALE = 2*pi* RADIUS/ LINE_SAMPLES I used this number to update the MAP_SCALE field in the data product label, then ran gdal commands below to view the information of this data and do format translate from PDS IMG to Geotif. You can later load this Geotif into ArcGIS. Gdalinfo D:\test\data\mro_rss\ggmro_120_anom_100.lbl Gdal_translate -of GTiff D:\test\data\mro_rss\ggmro_120_anom_100.lbl D:\test\data\mro_rss\ggmro_120_anom_100.tif Feel free to let me know if you need more help. Thanks, June
  11. April 15th, 2019 Release 11 of MRO CRISM MTRDR (Map-projected Targeted Reduced Data Record), TER (Targeted Empirical Record), and TRDR (Targeted Reduced Data Record) browse and extras data has been loaded into ODE. This release fills in data from 2006_343 through 2008_039. See https://wufs.wustl.edu/ode/odeholdings/Mars_holdings.html for more information.
  12. April 8th, 2019 Updated Diviner RDR query tool database from July 5th, 2009 to December 15th, 2018.
  13. April 6, 2019 – MRO HiRISE Updates - HiRISE EDR, RDR, DTM and Anaglyph data products released through March 2, 2019 (Orbit 59,099) See https://wufs.wustl.edu/ode/odeholdings/Mars_holdings.html
  14. April 5th, 2019 - Mars Odyssey Release 67 Data Updates Loaded NS and HEND raw and derived data into ODE through September 30th, 2018 Updated THEMIS standard data products (IREDR, IRRDR, IRBTR, VISEDR, VISRDR and VISABR data) from February 19th, 2002 to September 5th, 2018 Updated THEMIS geometry data products (IRGEO2, IRPBT2, VGEO2, and VISALB data) from September 28th, 2013 to September 5th, 2018 See https://wufs.wustl.edu/ode/odeholdings/Mars_holdings.html.
  15. March 26th, 2019 - Updated MRO SHARAD EDR products from December 6th, 2006 to August 18th, 2018 (orbits through 56538)
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