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  1. June, Thank you for your response. You were correct in assuming those four downloads were mine. And also right in that it was like the software used in my attempts to view them. I am not sure what ArcGIS is but may look into that. After a bit of work I managed to get the PNG file conversions as you have said. I think my main issue was with the file megr44n090hb.img I tried to use, as it was not a topographic map as I had anticipated and so it did not turn out how I thought it would. The others now seem to work great, though. And it loaded into my Unreal project perfectly. I am still working to find downloads of smaller regions of Mars, but I think I can figure that out from here. Again, thank you for your response. You definitely helped shed light on some issues that I had.
  2. I am currently working on a school project and am trying to download topographical images of Mars at high resolution. I am still trying to figure everything out on the sites and learn how to use the Mars Orbital Data Explorer. However, I am running into the issues of my downloaded files being corrupt for some reason. I am following the instructions from the User Manual the best I can, but it does not seem to be working. I add the items I want to my cart, and when I receive the email confirmation, I download them using FileZilla. When I try to open the .img files though, I get an error message saying the disc image is corrupt. I have also attempted to convert those files into PNGs using the IMG2PNG tool that was recommended on this page http://www.planetary.org/explore/space-topics/space-imaging/data.html?referrer=https://www.google.com/?referrer=http://www.planetary.org/explore/space-topics/space-imaging/data.html. However, when I do the conversion, I just get a black image (presumably because the file is corrupt). Basically what I want to do is to create heightmaps (bitmaps) of Mars based on the data collected by NASA on various missions. I cannot seem to figure this out though. I plan to use the generated heightmaps to create partial landscapes in Unreal Engine, which happens to want them in PNG format, so I thought this would be perfect. The issue is the downloads don't seem to work, and I would eventually need grayscale images anyhow (which I also can't seem to find on the site, though I am unsure how to specifically do that). Hopefully I have provided enough information here. If anyone has any suggestions or needs more information, please ask. Thank you.
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