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  • Recent Topics

    • Attached are some slides showing how I used ENVI to ingest M3 lunar data and lab data, resample the lab data to the M3 wavelengths, and overplot the two data sets. Ray Arvidson PDS Geosciences Node Manager spectral_resampling.pdf
    • November 11th, 2017 - THEMIS IR-reprocessed data from releases 0048, 0049, and 0050 (orbits 52300-55599) have been loaded into ODE. Please see ODE Mars Holdings – https://wufs.wustl.edu/ode/odeholdings/Mars_holdings.html  
    • I asked the ODE developer if she could suggest a way to do this. Here's her answer. She reads this forum too. Hi Susie, Below link shows an example on how to read those MEGDR products  with Matlab. The user could modify the code a little bit to output a table with lat, lon, and height. https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/13444-using-data-from-mola?focused=6780621&tab=example&requestedDomain=www.mathworks.com Another way is to convert the PDS IMG to ERDAS IMG in ArcGIS. Then use ERDAS to convert the ERDAS IMG to an ASCII table with lat, lon, and height. Both Matlab and ERDAS are commercial software. Otherwise, the user needs to write his own program to read the PDS IMG data. The label includes everything that the user needs to know to read the data file. Please let me know if the user needs further help. Thanks, June
    • Here to help. I am not sure why you have a screen shot of a vertical profile, which suggests to me you opened the spectral library as an image. To examine the spectral library data you need to open the file as a spectral library, not as an image. Did you open it as a spectral library, and could you display spectra? If you did this and can display spectra, resampled to M3 bandpasses, you should be able to overlay spectra from an M3 cube pixel with the lab spectra. Let me know what you did and I can help more if the instructions above are not enough. Worst case is for me to try what you wanted to do with the exact data sets you used.  Ray Arvidson
    • The query tool you mentioned is for PEDRs, I'd like to look at the globally gridded MEGDR products.   When I use the ODE data product search (as suggested at the top of the PEDR Query Tool 2 page), I can bring up a file, for example MEGT90N180GB.IMG, however, the PDS product files and Derived files do not include a simple text table (lat, lon, elevation), it only includes more images and some shapefiles.  What is the easiest way to convert the MEGDR products to a simple text table?