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  1. Thanks for this information. I hope by flattening the sensor space data, you mean to say dividing the spectra by the spectra of neutral region in my image?
  2. While using CAT toolkit, we go for cleaning (destriping and despiking for IR, and destriping for VNIR) the data. In Data Filtering, there are two alternatives: 1. CIRRUS>Clean spectral cube 2. MRO CRISM Remove Stripes I see generally, CIRRUS method is preferred. What is the science behind cleaning by two methods. And which method should be optimum for me? What if, I do not go for data filtering and simply georeference the image after photometric and atmospheric corrections? Thanks in advance.
  3. That'll be so nice of you. I ll send you the details and you finalize the slot as per your convenience.
  4. Hey Feng, I did follow your instructions but couldn't solve it. I uninstalled and reinstalled envi and CAT toolkit. Now, I have messed up some other things and am not able to georeference the cube, which earlier was working great. Please help in solving the following error.
  5. Thanks Feng. I am using ENVI 5.6 (IDL 8.8). I have been using ENVI classic for processing via CAT toolkit and performing other geoprocessing operations in standard version.
  6. Thanks for your quick response. No, I destriped before going for projecting. Please let me correct that after atmospheric and photometric correction, am applying destriping, followed by projection (As the processed filename suggests: hsp..._corr_destripe_p.img) . I am afraid if HSP data has some problem, because I did not face any issues while processing MSP dataset. However, I keep on getting the following error while projecting with respective ddr files. Although, the final image is projected and shows coordinates when we move cursor across it. Can you tell what is the problem?
  7. Hello CRISM Team! I have been using CRISM data for around 2 years and I appreciate the team for providing useful workshops and TRR-V3 data. I am wondering no new workshops have came up for using CRISM data. Recently, I have processed MSP and HSP images (TRDR) of Hellas Planitia region. In HSP dataset, I am getting a lot of bad bands. Though ATP and PHT corrections ignore some bad bands, but after applying these corrections, hsp0002d9a3 is getting worse (Display 2 in screenshot) as there might be more bad bands. Projecting the cube and applying destriping (Display 3 in screenshot) gives unusual results. Similar issues are being faced while processing some other files. Do, I need to spectrally subset good bands individually from each of the files? I am afraid there are lot of bands and many files, so this would be a a bit difficult job. Or else, can I safely ignore this data and try with different observations. Thanks in anticipation! - Sehajpal Singh (Doctoral candidate at IIT Bombay)
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