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Shyam Mohan

High resolution DEM of Lunar South Polar Region

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The LOLA data derived products, Digital Elevation Model Coregistered with SELENE Data(SLDEM) and Gridded Data Record Shape Map(GDRDEM) in the south polar region 85S to 90S shows data with only 30m/px resolution. However the South pole atlas, https://www.lpi.usra.edu/lunar/lunar-south-pole-atlas/ discusses data with 5m/px resolution. How and from where can I download the 5m/px resolution DEM of the Lunar South pole region?

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You can search and download the high resolution (5m, 10m, 20 m etc.) DEMs at lunar ODE.  https://ode.rsl.wustl.edu/moon/indexProductSearch.aspx
In this web, 
step 1  Select Data Sets to Search
             -> select mission 'Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter'
             -> find instrument 'LOLA'
             -> select 'Gridded Data Record Shape Map (GDRDEM)'
step 2 Set Additional Filtering Parameters, you can add below text in the text box on the right of 'Product ID' to limit the number of returned search results.
You can preview your search results in step 3 and view your returned results in step 4. Please see attached figures for more details and let me know if you have more questions. Thanks,







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