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Shyam Mohan

Map Tie Error in LROC Images

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Hello All,

Consider the LROC Product ID M181345381RC.The details of the latitude and longitude are as follows,

Maximum Latitude 30.2
Minimum Latitude 27.72
Westernmost Longitude 333.81
Easternmost Longitude 334.13

The above values have a precision of only two decimal points which means a maximum of 0.005 deg error is possible.

If we assume that that the angular resolution of moon is 30Km/deg(approx) then there can be a map tie error of 30000*0.005=150 meters in position.

Is there any other source of information with higher precision? If not, can we assume that 150m is the maximum map tie error expected from LROC products?

Thank You,




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Dear Shyam,

I have forwarded your question to the PDS Cartography and Imaging Node, where the LROC data are archived, and to someone on the LROC team. I reminded them yesterday that we are still waiting for an answer. 

I'm sorry for the delay.

Susan Slavney

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