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Installation of Crism CAT tool in Envi 4.8


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There are a few things you could check with your CAT installation.

1) Which version of CAT are you using?

2) Did you Put CAT_ENVI/ in C:\Program Files\?

Note: The location of CAT_ENVI under Program Files on Windows is a hardcoded requirement. The ENVI configuration file looks for related info in these locations (which could be changed by the user) but CAT needs to know the location of the catconfigs directory and possibly CAT_ENVI\aux_files\ for seamless operation and the code looks in this location.

3) If you didn't see anything wrong in your CAT installation, please try to go through the sample data (FRT000064D9_07_IF166L_TRR3.IMG) in the tutorial (http://geo.pds.nasa.gov/workshops/CRISM_Workshop_Mar09_presentations/CRISM_Workshop_090322_CAT_MFM.pdf) to see if your CAT ATP function works correctly with this data. If ATP doesn't work correctly, something might happen during your install.

4) Or you may give me your CRISM product ID, I can try to do the ATP correction of your data from my site to see if I can repeat your error in ENVI.




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