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Convert .img images to gtiff by gdal


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Dear all - 

I understand the conversion and display of .img images has been a long discussed topic. I have visited various feeds/posts & tried searching online but to no avail. So I am hoping if someone can give me some pointers here. Thanks a lot ^^ 

I am working on converting a digital bouguer map on mars to tiff (https://pds-geosciences.wustl.edu/mro/mro-m-rss-5-sdp-v1/mrors_1xxx/data/rsdmap/ggmro_120_bouguer_90.lbl, with its .img file). I have tried to display the .img file with Nasaview/ImageJ etc but all rendered file type unsupported. Then I tried to translate the .lbl to .tif by gdal, but the output.tif is not displayable (file corrupted). I have tried with other dataset and it does seem to work fine (i.e. on LOLA DEM). I am not sure what went wrong. 

Thanks a lot if someone could help. Or I am just being exceptionally stupid here. 

Best wishes,




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Hi, Sorry for the late reply. I just notice this post.

In your case, the output.tif from gdal_translate is not displayable. This is because in the attached *.lbl label, the definition of MAP_SCALE = "N/A". Gdal could not recognize the pixel size and failed in its conversion. You can change it to "MAP_SCALE = 3704.461337 <m/pixel>". The value was calculated based on the value of Mars RADIUS and MAP_RESOLUTION defined in the label file. Then gdal would do the correct translation for you after your change. The same method could be applied to other ggmro* labels without a definition of MAP_SCALE. Please let me know if you still have a problem Thanks,


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