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Batch processing for CRISM ATP correction

Al Emran

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I understand that using CAT ENVI tool we can do ATP correction to an CRISM image by selecting a single image file each time. However, I need to use ATP correction for thousands of CRISM images. Just wondering if there is any way I can run batch ATP process multiple images without needing to select a single image at each time?
Thank you,

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Hi Emran,

After communicating with the CRISM team, we got an answer from Frank Morgan, the developer of CAT:

"One possibility is to call the IDL function directly. The ATP stuff is in routines atp_nontile.pro and atp_tile.pro. Assuming they’re working with non-tile (like FRS, FRT, HRL etc) data use atp_nontile.pro.


The header describes the inputs. It takes a big structure with all the input parameters. Set the batch keyword to avoid halts on trapped errors (that mode is more lightly tested than non-batch, but hopefully will work.)


A lot of the apparent complexity in that routine is handling different data format cases, trapping errors, reading ancillary data etc. The real work is fairly straightforward. If they want to maximize efficiency they may want to pull from crism_photom_corr for photometric correction, and scaleatm_pcm and patch_vs_artifact for atmospheric correction."





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