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  1. Hi Feng, I use both ENVI 5.4 standard and classic version (whichever works well) and for this instance, I used classic one. I copied the three projections files and now it works, does not show any "Header Error'' message. However, the projected image does not match with map context. Hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you, Emran
  2. Dear all, I have been trying to use CRISM TRDR (trr3) image of ''FRS0002AEAB_01_IF167L_TRR3'' and ''FRS0003012C_01_IF167L_TRR3'' using CAT in ENVI. However, after standard corrections (ATP), I tried to project the image cube using ''Project Single Cube Data'' option. I got a projected image of bad shape which does NOT match with map context image and kml shape (attached the screenshots). I guess only a part of the image was projected. Also, CAT showed a message after performing the processes (attached also). Can anyone please let me know how can I fix the problem? Thank you, Emran
  3. Hello Feng, No, the file which is used for spectral enhancement in getting ratio spectra (part in spectral analysis and interpretation). I attached the manual and indicated it in a red box. Is ''same detector un-map-projected'' same to the image cube product after ATP correction (...._trr3_CAT_corr.img)? I tried collecting spectra as denominator from that file (un-projected one) and collected numerator spectra from the projected one. Then I tried to do spectral math (numerator/denominator) with these spectra(s). But ENVI shows an error message like spectral bands do not match for numerator and denominator (number of bands do not match). When we project the image cube, has there any changes in the number of bands from unprojected one to projected one? Thank you, Emran
  4. Hello Feng, Thank you very much for the instruction. Could you please tell me which file is: same detector un-map-projected scene while extracting denominator spectra? Is that the same image cube product after ATP correction (...._trr3_CAT_corr.img)? Finally, I would say again thank you! best, Emran
  5. Hi Feng, Okay, I would use recent one. Can you please let me know how can I use ''interactive stretch'' on recent ENVI version. I didn't find the option on the recent one. Thank you, Emran
  6. Hi Feng, Yes, the error has happened on ENVI classic version. Thank you, Emran
  7. Hello Feng, I tried to fix the problem by reinstalling the ENVI and CAT once again after uninstalling these. But I got the same problem again. It shows the same error message while processing ''flatten summary parameters''. By the way, I used four data sets as input files (ddr1.img, ddr1.lbl, trr3.img, and trr3.lbl). Did I miss any other input file that's why I got the error message? Have you identified the reason for the error yet? Please help me out, if you can, to fix the problem. Hope to hear from you! Thank you, Emran
  8. Hi Feng, Working with the problem, I figured out that no .enp file was generated in my cases. But, in your case, it shows .enp extension for each file. Attached is the list of the file generated in my cases. I guess that could be the potential reason for the problem. Please have a look and let me know the solution. Thank you, Emran
  9. Hi Feng, I had been working with the classic version of ENVI when I got the earlier error message. Then, I tried to process this in recent ENVI interface and this time I did not get any error message. But I got a weird display image result in ENVI window (attached the output display image). Thanks, Emran
  10. Hi Feng, I am using CAT 7.3.1 in ENVI 5.4 (IDL 8.6). I tried to flatten summery product for a different trr3.img data and got the same error message like earlier. I am a little bit worried now. Please help me out to fix the problem. Thank you, Emran
  11. Hi Feng, Please find attached the hdr file for the summary product that I would like to process for flattening. Note here that I uploaded hdr file as .txt since hdr file format can not be uploaded here. Please download the .txt file and rename the file extension as hdr Thank you, Emran frt000047a3_07_if166l_trr3_CAT_corr_p_2014params.txt
  12. Dear Dr. Arvidson, Thank you for the reply. Here are some queries that I have for the CRISM analysis. N.B: I followed the manual of yours' at 3rd Planetary Data Workshop (2017). 1. Browse RGB product or each bands minimum and maximum stretch: what would be minimum values e.g. distribution peak or zero? And, what would be maximum value e.g. 99%? How can I determine empirical minimum-maximum values for each summery parameters? 2. How to select single summery product's min-max stretch? Has there any rubric? 3. During spectral enhancing: in the case of rationing, what would be the numerator? Are the numerator and the end member spectra extracted same? Or, other else? How can I locate numerator spectra from the spectral cube? 4. Are spectral neutral and spectral bland dark material same? How can I locate the denominator dark/neutral area? 5. I didn’t understand the same detector un-map-projected scene. Is that the same image cube product after ATP correction (...._trr3_CAT_corr.img)? 6. What are the difference between CRISM spectral library and CRISM type spectra? By default, we have the spectral library with CAT. Can I use that library only? Waiting to hear from you again! Thank you, Emran
  13. Hi Feng, I fixed the earlier problem with projecting in a single cube. Thank you. However, I am facing a new problem with ‘’Flatten Summary Product’’. After calculating IR summery product, I tried to process for flattening summery product. But the CAT did not work showing the attached error message. Thank you, Emran
  14. Hi Feng, I opened single viewer but I guess there were couples of data layers in that single layer. Were these steps okay for a complete full processing of CRISM TRDR (.trr3) data? How can I process data for the spectral smile (optical artifact) and noise removal? Thank you, Emran
  15. Dear all, I was trying process CRISM TRDR (.trr3) data using standard corrections in CAT 7.3.1. following the procedure: 1. FRT IF to CAT 2. ATP and Photometric correction 3. Map Utilities- Project Single Cube 4. Summary Products However, when I tried to project single cube the CAT showed an error message though I got a projected image in the window. Attached here is the error message. How can I fix this problem? Another thing, is the procedure above complete to analyze CRISM data? Or, I need more corrections like EPF, Spectral shift, spectral smile etc. to process TRDR data? Can I use MTRDR data directly without any correction, just using SU products? Thank You! Emran
  16. Hello, I installed CAT 7.3.1. in ENVI 5.4 as per the instruction. ENVI shows CAT tool neither in menubar nor under Display. An extension toolbox has created named ''cat_menu'' (see attachment). But, this icon doesn't work also! How can I fix this? Thank you,
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