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Comparison of processing CRISM data in ENVI 5.6 and ENVI 5.0 using CAT


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I'll like to point I ve been processing some CRISM cubes, and have realized that the processing (particularly, projecting the cube) time is much longer in ENVI 5.6 in comparison to ENVI 5.0.

For instance, an MSV took 10-12 mins to georeference in latest version, while it took 2-3 mins in the former.

Can anyone from the developers team verify and tell why this is happening so?

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Hi Sehaj,

Please try the latest version 5.6.2. It is knowing issue for ENVI 5.6 that the map projection engine used in 5.6 cannot parse some strings correctly. In 5.6.2 release, ENVI fixed this problem. We had tested CAT map projection in ENVI 5.6.2 from several PCs. The performance is about within one minute. If you dodn't have access to 5.6.2, I would suggest you to switch back to 5.5.3 version. CAT map projection in 5.5.3 is also fast.






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