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Has anyone used ERDAS to analyse CRISM?


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I see that people are able to use Envi for CRISM analysis but I would prefer to use ERDAS as this is what my course has provided. The CRISM data appears to download as .img files and when I view these in ERDAS it says there are no bands in the information. Other systems, such as Jmars or PlanetServer don't meet my needs as I need to crop and buffer the data later in ArcGIS. When I search the problem "analysing CRISM data" the search brings me back to these systems. Can anyone give me advice on CRISM in ERDAS or point me in the direction of materials?

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Hi Ray, I've attached 2 images, hopefully they're clear. In the green box you can see that I have selected an .img file. There is a red arrow showing that ERDAS is picking up 0 bands. If I do the same with a landsat tif file, it shows here 1 band for example. If I try to load this anyway I get an error message shown in the blue box.

EDIT: So basically I am having trouble trying to load the data both ways, via "Layer selection and stacking" and via the "Import Data" option. I'd like to hear if this is something anyone has done or if I'm going in entirely the wrong direction. Hopefully there's something simple I've missed.


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I haven't worked with ERDAS for many years. It used to work better with the EARTH data, instead of the planetary PDS IMG data. I am not sure if the ERDAS has some improvement in this area in recent years. You can try to use GDAL to translate the multi-band CRISM MRDR data products into a Geotif, then try to read the multi-band Geotif in ArcGIS or ERDAS.
More information about GDAL tool and gdal_translate command can be found in below links.

BTW, I noticed you are using the version 1 CRISM MRDR data products. There is new release of the version 4 MRDR data products available. Have you tried the version 4 data in your region of interest for your research?

Please let me know if you need more assistance to read the img data. Thanks,

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