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Matlab .img files


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           I've been reading the other posts related to opening .img data and I was specifically interested in opening pancam EDR images in matlab .I was wondering if you knew of any method to do so or if you could point me towards any literature on such a subject.I've read the docs on the analyst notebook page titled Camera Experiment Data Record (EDR) and Reduced Data Record (RDR) Operations and

Science Data Products and the SCIENCE EXPERIMENT DATA RECORD (EDR) ARCHIVE VOLUME SOFTWARE INTERFACE SPECIFICATION (SIS) and have an idea of the structure of the .img files and the pds headers but i'm not too sure on how to access the binary image data.


Thank you very much!

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In matlab, you may try the fseek and fread command to read the binary image data.


image size = rows * cols * bands; image_start_position = (image pointers records - 1) * RECORD_BYTES;


If you find the "SAMPLE_BITS = 16" in the image header,

the final pixel value = value from the high 8 bit * 256 + value from the low 8 bit;


Please shoot me a e-mail if you have more concerns.






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