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MRO CRISM data Processing: Georeferencing

Chandan Kumar

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I am getting a warning message after the georeferencing of CRISM data. It says that "MRO Custom datum D_Mars_2000_1AU_IAG_Custum_Sphere_lat00 not available. Projection may not match MTRDR.

After georeferencing, when I check its details, it appears that DATAM is missing. 

Kindly help me to tackle this problem? 


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Hi Chandan,

It seems the customized datum is not recognized by ENVI. Would you please check if the three map projection files are in the right place? According to CAT installation document:

      Set up CRISM Customized Map Projection

Move the CRISM customized map projection definitions files (datum.txt, geogcs.txt, spheroid.txt) from the CAT_ENVI\aux_files\crism_projection\ folder to your ENVI installed path inside the idl8x\resource\pedata\user_defined\ folder (the location of user_defined folder may vary based on your ENVI version, idl8x: idl86 for ENVI 5.3 and 5.4; idl87 for ENVI 5.5).

If there files are not in the right place, please copy them to related folder and then start ENVI+IDL again.




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