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    CRISM DATA PROCESSING: CRISM Ratioed I/F Corrected Spectra

    Thanks a lot, Dr. Ray Arvidson for your reply and suggestion. I have used the classic version of ENVI & CAT for the processing.
  2. Hi, I need some help to understand the data processing of CRISM data (TRR3). I use CAT tool coupled with ENVI 5.3. I use CAT manual (workshop manual available in the website) for the processing which goes as Conversion of PDS to CAT--> Photographic and Atmospheric Correction--> Georeferencing. I observe that after the atmosphere correction spectra do not change much but once perform the geometric correction it shows changes as shown in the figure. Is obtained result correct? What is the main reason for this change? I would also like to know how to obtain ratioed spectra. I am familiar with spectra ratios but my confusion is how to choose spectra (denominator) which does not introduce errors, what region' pixels would be a better choice? Is atmospherically corrected spectrum same as I/F spectrum? All plots are atmospheric corrected. Thanks,
  3. Chandan Kumar

    MRO CRISM data Processing: Georeferencing

    Hi Feng, Thanks for the solution. It works now. Thanks,
  4. Hi, I am getting a warning message after the georeferencing of CRISM data. It says that "MRO Custom datum D_Mars_2000_1AU_IAG_Custum_Sphere_lat00 not available. Projection may not match MTRDR. After georeferencing, when I check its details, it appears that DATAM is missing. Kindly help me to tackle this problem? Thanks,
  5. Chandan Kumar

    Mars Odyssey, GRS instrument and CRISM

    Hi Scott, Thanks for your comments...
  6. Hi, I use CRISM data for minerals mapping (in general). Is it possible to compare with GRS instrument (HEND or other products) elements concentration data/map? I am aware of the coarser resolution of GRS products i.e. ~300 km or 5 degrees whereas CRISM spatial resolution is 18/36 m/pixel. Is GRS data available at better resolutions? or by any means can compare these two diverse resolution data results? Can we use GRS instruments data for local mapping of elements concentration despite its coarser resolution? Your comments and suggestions would be highly admired and helpful... Thanks,
  7. Chandan Kumar

    Mars Odyssey, GRS instrument suite

    Dear Dr. Susie Slavney, Thanks for providing these details. I have some confusion in downloading from ODE Mars. When I choose the location as given below in the attached snapshot I cannot find the dataset. However, if I do not provide the location It shows a list of the dataset. My confusion is, how should I download these data set for a specific location. Could you please also suggest me the procedure of processing and interpretation of GRS instrument data? Thanks ...
  8. Chandan Kumar

    Mars Odyssey, GRS instrument suite

    Hi, I would like to use GRS instrument data of Mars Odyssey. Can anyone provide guidance to download and process these data? Which software would be useful for processing and analysis?