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  1. Hi June, IGM procedure for georeferencing is working now, Thanks a lot, Raj.
  2. Hi June, I want to georeference an M3 image (M3G20090205T094623_V01_RFL), I have added Lunar south polar stereographic projection with D_Moon_2000 as datum. As you mentioned I have added the ellipse.txt (GCS_Moon_2000, 1737400.0, 1737400.0), datum.txt (D_Moon_2000, GCS_Moon_2000, 0,0,0) and map_proj.txt (31, 1737400.0, 1737400.0, -90.000000, 0.000000, 0., 0., Moon South Polar Stereographic). But after applying GLT procedure, I am getting georefernced image with no data mostly. Please help me to resolve this issue. Thanks, Raj.
  3. Hello, I downloaded IRBTR dataset of THEMIS instrument which come up with .QUB files, Is GDAL package helpful to convert .QUB file into .IMG? Thanking you. Sincerely, Raj Patel
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