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  1. Overlay M3 and RELAB spectra

    Continued.... Some screenshots of the steps followed while following the spectral resampling procedure.
  2. Overlay M3 and RELAB spectra

    Hello! Thank you very much for your reply! I followed the steps mentioned using ENVI Classic and am sharing some of the results with you. First, I chose the 62231 ASCII file and converted it to a spectral library using the RELAB ENVI header file information, which I found here (https://lost-contact.mit.edu/afs/enea.it/software/rsi/envi_3.5/spec_lib/igcp264/igcp_2.hdr). Once that was done, I tried to match the same with a small region that I was able to subset from one of the M3 (Level 2) images. Unfortunately, I am still unable to match the two spectra. Please let me know where I am going wrong. For your convenience, I am attaching some screenshots.
  3. Overlay M3 and RELAB spectra

    Hi! I want to compare spectra generated from M3 with RELAB library spectra (62231, Apollo 16 landing site soil sample) using ENVI. One specific issue is, spectral library from RELAB (62231) has 451 bands, whereas M3 has 86 spectral bands. This is apparently creating a mismatch and is not allowing me to compare the two spectra. Please help!