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Reading Clementine images


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I wish to utilize selected portions of Clementine NIR data. I downloaded a few files from the Lunar ODE. 

One of the downloaded folders was 'CL_0064', which further led to lun276 and lun277 folders and many subsequent folders. The final file had a (.276) extension, which I am not able to open in ENVI. Please let me know the correct procedure to open such files in ENVI or ArcMap.

I also downloaded 'clemdcmp' and 'climdisp' from https://pdsimage2.wr.usgs.gov/archive/clem1-l_e_y-a_b_u_h_l_n-2-edr-v1.0/cl_0064/software/ . However, I am not able to install either of the software. Please help!

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