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trouble with MER Pancam XYZ derived products


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I'm new to using the MER Pancam products, and having trouble with the Spirit Sol 751 XYZ (and related) derived products. Loading into either MATLAB or ISIS, the XYL and related products seem to consiste almost entirely of zeros. Other products from Sprit Sol 751 (e.g. Pancam RSN) load fine and look sensible. Should I take this to mean that no useful range information was acquired that sol, or is there a workaround for getting range and XYZ information?




- Edwin

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I think you are looking at the XYL files of two sun pictures. Using the MER Analyst's Notebook, when I search for XYL files from Spirit sol 751, I only get two products: 2P193031917XYLAO55P2600L8M1 and 2P193053386XYLAOA0P2600L8M1. There are other Pancam images for sol 751, but they were not taken as a stereo pair, thus the program that automatically creates XYL files didn't run.


Of course, an XYL file of a sun image is not very useful as the values you should see is the distance to the sun in meters.

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