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Inconsistent ROI statistic results

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Hi, I've been working with TRDR CRISM data, specifically trying to identify minerals with the CRISM Spectral library but I keep on ending up with the same spectral signature every time. I corrected atmospherically and photometrically my data cubes and also I have created my IR Summary products. I know something's off because the statistic results are always the same, no matter if I'm working with a D2300 parameter or a BD1900r2 or even with different observations (CRISM scenes) I keep on getting the same results.

Could someone help me solve this issue or maybe help me recognize what might be wrong?

I'd really appreciate it.




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Hi Cat,


I think the same result is because your ROI is only on one image. If you want to see the statistic on different image, you need create ROI on that image. Please let me know if this answers your question.





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