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ODE - MRO Release 65 Loaded into ODE

June Wang

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June 5th, 2023 - MRO Release 65 Loaded into ODE.
-    Updated MRO CRISM CDR data products released through February 8, 2023. MRO Release 62 was the last of CRISM's regular observing releases. Starting with 2022_128, only engineering data will be released until CRISM is shut off permanently. (See “errata.txt”for more information.)
-    Updated SHARAD Radargram data products from U.S. released through November 13, 2022 (orbits through 76399).
-    Updated SHARAD Surface Clutter Simulations data products released through August 20, 2022.
-    Updated MRO raw radio science data products released through April 1, 2023. Open loop data (occultations) are no longer being delivered.
-    Updated MRO MCS EDR, RDR and DDR data products released through January 31, 2023 (orbits through 77421).
-    Updated MRO CTX EDR data products released through November 30, 2022 (orbits through 76625).
-    Updated MRO HiRISE EDR, RDR, DTM and anaglyph data products released through May 3, 2023 (orbits through 78599).

Note: SHARAD EDRs and RDRs from SHARAD Operations are delayed.

New data available through below links
ODE product search page: https://ode.rsl.wustl.edu/mars/indexproductsearch.aspx
ODE map search page: https://ode.rsl.wustl.edu/mars/indexMapSearch.aspx
ODE data holdings page: https://ode.rsl.wustl.edu/odeholdings/Mars_holdings.html

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