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Demo: Getting Curiosity rover Navcam data from the Analyst's Notebook

Tom Stein

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The above video demonstrates how to order data from the Analyst's Notebook using search filters and the cart order system. The transcript of the video is provided below.



Hello. I am going to provide a short video demonstrating getting data from the Mars Curiosity rover using the Analyst’s Notebook.

In this case, I want to download Navcam image data from a particular sol using a pattern for the data product ID.

I will start by signing into to the Notebook. An account is not required but is useful for return visits to the site.

Let me minimize this introductory help window.

For this demonstration, our goal is to find Navcam data from a specific sol using product ID pattern matching. Let’s click on the search tab, and then select data search.

Now we will set some filters.

  • We want data from sol 611, so I will enter 611 as the start sol and click tab. I also will set the end sol. Notice that the results have changed to reflect this setting.
  • Let’s constrain search results to only Navcam data.
  • And then let’s scroll to the bottom to add our product ID pattern. In this case, we are looking for linearized RAD data with a specific sequence value.

Notice the prompt at the top of the results listing. The suggestion is that we change the Results view setting to “all products” based on our use of the ID filter. Let me scroll the filter list to the top where we see that currently the Results view is set to “Observation groups”. We will accept the suggested change, and now we have 10 data products in the results view.

As a side note, we can read more about the Results view filter using the help options provided. More information is available in this help window.

Now that we have found the data that matches our settings, we will add them to our cart.

Let’s now go to our cart to finish the order and download the data. The cart is found in the User tab. We will click on View cart and checkout.

I will accept the current Order settings and continue to step 2 of the checkout.

The settings here show that I will receive an email when a zip file is ready for download. I will click Submit Request and look forward to the email message that will arrive shortly. The message will include a link to a zip file with the data we ordered.

If you have questions about using the Notebook, you can switch to the Help tab to access the online documentation and to get information about contacting us directly.



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