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Is it possible to open PDS data using Erdas or ENVI? What it takes?


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Hello, Experts

I've downloaded CRISM data from Orbital Data Explorer to do some analysis on Ritchey Crater,
As known, the appropriate directory is TRDR and I chose FRT images depending on the study's goal.
Here's an example of a sample I dowloaded:

VNIR range:


IR range:


The purpose is to seperate these ranges to these following bands (Visible, Near infrared, short wavelength infrared, and thermal as well) using ENVI or ERDAS.
However, when I import data I got an error said: "this raster file has no layers" or unsupported format if I use these programs.
I need to know what hold me back to read these images.

Is there something wrong with these dataset? 
Do I missed something else?

 I look forward to your reply.

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Hi: This is Ray Arvidson, PDS Geosciences Node Manager, and CRISM team member. The best way to open CRISM data with all wavelengths deployed to the header records is to use the CRISM Analysis Tool (CAT) that can be imported and used in ENVI. The code can be found at https://pds-geosciences.wustl.edu/missions/mro/crism.htm toward the bottom of the page. There is also a JAVA version that does not need ENVI. Let me know if you have any trouble implementing CAT. By the way with Mars temperatures there is no pure CRISM thermal regime, it is always solar-dominated, with some thermal contribution at the longest wavelengths.

Ray Arvidson

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Thanks for paying attention, Sir.
I used JCAT before, but I didn't find a way to seperate bands, the only thing I could do with this tool is to do some bands operation, atmospherc corrections, and adjust RGB values and saving spectral data as well. Conversely, I installed CAT extension  using cat setup doc and it's listed on ENVI toolbox but once I clicked on, the window extension not displayed.

Do I missed something, Sir?

Look forward to your reply


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Hi: This is Feng, I am glad to help you on the CAT issue. Based on your description, it seems ENVI doesn't recognized the CAT path. Once CAT installed successfully, it won't show on ENVI toolbox but will be under the Display tab. We can start a zoom if you have a prefer time to solve this issue.





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