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MER: Sprit and Opportunity Rover APXS Data

Chandan Kumar

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I would like to download the MER: Spirit and Opportunity Rover APXS Data with the lat/long information. I have used the NOtebook to download it and got the APXS data with element/oxide concentration. But it missing the Lat/Long information. 

Can anyone please help me to get this information? 

I also got the traverse data (shapefile) but I don't see the unique column in both the files which I can use to join the information. 

I am attaching the snapshot of APXS excel file and the attribute of Shapefile for the information. In the APXS data, is spectrum' name is same as Sol?

Snapshot of traverse data:



Snapshot of APXS Data:









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Hi Chandan,

You are correct, the "Spectrum" name denotes the rover and sol. A0001 is MER-A (Spirit) on sol 1, B9999 is MER-B (Opportunity) on sol 9999. You should be able to parse the sol from the Spectrum column in the APXS data table and use that as a pivot to link with the traverse data.

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