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I would like to know where can I get the Martian Global data such as TES derived Mineralogy, inertia etc. I need the georeferenced data. I tried to download from this website(www.mars.asu.edu/data/) but the problem here is I am unable to download the georeferenced with true value. The website gives the data in PNG format which can be used for visual purpose. 

It would be really great If any of you can help me to get these data sets. 

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From www.mars.asu.edu/data you can download the TES mineral maps with the raw data in VICAR format. GDAL (https://www.gdal.org/) can read and export VICAR files. For example, these GDAL commands work on the VICAR files:

gdalinfo   TES_Glass_Clay_numeric.vic

gdal_translate   -of   TES_Glass_Clay_numeric.vic    TES_Glass_Clay_numeric_gdal.tif


For another resource, there is MATLAB code to read VICAR files on Github at https://github.com/jnulzl/vicarRead

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