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Found 7 results

  1. Just wondering if there any automated method to make ratio image (I/F ratio or pixel-wise ratio) of MTRDR data. Since the image is projected, how to find denominator (or column median) in MTRDR data for extracting ratio spectra?
  2. Hi, I understand that using CAT ENVI tool we can do ATP correction to an CRISM image by selecting a single image file each time. However, I need to use ATP correction for thousands of CRISM images. Just wondering if there is any way I can run batch ATP process multiple images without needing to select a single image at each time? Thank you, Emran
  3. Hello everyone, I'm working on CRISM data, I want to use JCAT, but apparently it doesn't work, I don't know if the problem comes from the software or something else, when importing the file "frt00016648_07_if165l_trr3", an error message appears indicating that the ddr file is missing, while the folder I'm working on contains all the necessary files including the ddr.
  4. Hi, I am trying to use the MSP I/F data from CRISM for spectral analysis. It is of the third version (TRR3). I followed these steps: 1)Convert PDS file to CAT file 2)Photometric correction (divide by cosine of incidence angle) 3)Atmospheric correction using the Volcano Scan technique (default 61C4) However I am yet to do the destriping and despiking for the data cube. I am not sure of which option to use - CIRRUS clean cube or the MRO CRISM Remove Stripes. Additionally, I also found that in one of the workshop presentations, it is not necessary to go for destriping and despiking for TRR3 products. Has anyone here processed MSP TRR3 data or have resources that explain the necessary pre-processing required?
  5. Hello My name is Vidyesh Sathe, I am actually working on my Dissertation in Planetary Geology, I am pretty new to Crism Data Set and Analysis of Crism Data. I am using Data set which is frt0001176e_07_if164ds_trr3.img and frt0001176e_07_if164l_trr3.img, i am using both VNIR And IR data. sir I followed the process given in CRISM Demonstration: Data Access, Processing, and Analysis - 3rd Planetary Data Workshop 2012, After pre-processing given in presentation, I wanted to Combine both VNIR and IR data. so i followed standard Envi process which is, Envi-Basic Tool-Layer stacking I imported both map-projected images of VNIR(S) and IR(L). But as the result the image was completely Black but the information was present(Spectra information from 0.5-3.9) I will be really grateful if you can explain to me what i am doing wrong, and what should I do to correctly project the image. Thank You.
  6. Hello, I am currently working with the CRISM Data in Matlab and when I load it, the data is always saved in a rectangular matrix. But since I need the original shape, I need to transform the cube data into it's original form. I have two screenshots how it should look like. I have also been able to read out the DDR file, but I can't find anything on the web on how to use that data. I would appreciate it if someone could help me further regarding this.
  7. Hi, I've come across many workshop presentation papers and research papers in which the processing of CRISM images include 'Spectral Smile Removal' and the entire sequence of Empirical Processing. 1. When we download the TRR3 data, is it already taken care of? Or do we have to follow a certain algorithm to manually apply it? Can you please suggest me how to do it? It is not mentioned in any workshop papers. 2. If we have to manually perform this task, do we have to do it via IDL/MATLAB programming or is it possible to do so in a GUI software (viz CAT, ENVI)? Thank You! Sourabh Shubham Department Of Geology and Geophysics IIT Kharagpur
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