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  1. Thank you very much for your reply, as you mentioned above the data_ignore_value in header was none in my case. I replaced the value with your data_ignore_value and the image was generated. Again I am really grateful for your quick response and for helping me out. Can you please explain to me what actually happened when I replaced the data_ignore_value in the header, that will be really helpful. Thank you.
  2. Hello My name is Vidyesh Sathe, I am actually working on my Dissertation in Planetary Geology, I am pretty new to Crism Data Set and Analysis of Crism Data. I am using Data set which is frt0001176e_07_if164ds_trr3.img and frt0001176e_07_if164l_trr3.img, i am using both VNIR And IR data. sir I followed the process given in CRISM Demonstration: Data Access, Processing, and Analysis - 3rd Planetary Data Workshop 2012, After pre-processing given in presentation, I wanted to Combine both VNIR and IR data. so i followed standard Envi process which is, Envi-Basic Tool-Layer stacking I
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