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  1. Thank you very much, Ray. I will contact him. Warm RegardS Rachael
  2. Hi, I am trying to use the MSP I/F data from CRISM for spectral analysis. It is of the third version (TRR3). I followed these steps: 1)Convert PDS file to CAT file 2)Photometric correction (divide by cosine of incidence angle) 3)Atmospheric correction using the Volcano Scan technique (default 61C4) However I am yet to do the destriping and despiking for the data cube. I am not sure of which option to use - CIRRUS clean cube or the MRO CRISM Remove Stripes. Additionally, I also found that in one of the workshop presentations, it is not necessary to go for destriping and despiking for TRR3 products. Has anyone here processed MSP TRR3 data or have resources that explain the necessary pre-processing required?
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