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  1. Hello June I was studying about the magnetic field and solar wind properties of lunar surface. Can you suggest which data should I go for. Thank you for your time Regards Akash
  2. Thank you June It worked and helped a lot.
  3. Thank you so much June for all the help. Whatever you suggested is workimg and of great help. I just have a last query that how to decide which projection is best for your study. For eg if I want to study the mineral composition around south western part of Moon, whether I should go for Sinusoidal curve or Molleweide or equatorial map projection? Thank you so much once again for your time.
  4. When I georeferenced the M3 data in either Sinusoidal or Mollweide projection, why isn't the ENVI asking for latitude? Its just asking about longitide and false easting and northing.
  5. Hello. I actually wanted to ask the about the ellipse data representation GCS_Moon_2000, 1737400.0,1737400.0 What does GCS_Moon_2000 represents? The other two repsents the minor and major axes radius of moon
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