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Missing CRISM image


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I have been looking for a CRISM image, HRL000195B9_07_IF182L_TRR3. This image is listed and displayed on the John Hopkins CRISM map website, but not available in the archive. The ODE archive does have the HRL000195B9_07_IF182S_TRR3 VNIR image, but not the IR image. There is no indication on the Johns Hopkins site that it has been superseded by another image or removed for a particular reason. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hello again.


This image is now available at the Geosciences node and through the ODE search.  This image, along with 11 other TRDRs from 2010_168, had previously been omitted from the PDS archive because they did not meet the temperature cutoff criterion for IR data of -145.65C. They are now being released due to your request, since they are very close to the acceptable cutoff temperature.


Please let me know if you have any additional questions.



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