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Question on imagery usage and attribution

Darren Erickson

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I hope this is the appropriate subforum to ask this question.  The LRO pages at NASA led me to http://ode.rsl.wustl.edu/moon/index.aspx to get LRO imagery data.  I'm looking to use images of craters from the LRO data there, with labels, at Wikipedia to fix some currently incorrect imagery and descriptions.  I intend to get the zoom level and framing I want and then do screengrabs with Snipping Tool.


My issue is that the only copyright information I've been able to locate on the wustl.edu site is a link that says most imagery emanating from the JPL website is fair to use.  Does data from here follow the same - am I free to repost screencaps to Wikipedia?  And is there any other special attribution requirements?


(And I'm surprised I haven't found that question already answered in an FAQ here, so apologies if I missed a thread or link because I did look around.)


Thank you!

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The page you mentioned is part of the Orbital Data Explorer, a web service developed and maintained here at the Geosciences Node of the Planetary Data System (PDS). PDS has a general page about citation guidelines here: https://pds.nasa.gov/citation/index.shtml. Following those guidelines, I suggest you use this citation: "Images were obtained from the Orbital Data Explorer at the NASA Planetary Data System Geosciences Node, geo.pds.nasa.gov."

Thanks for asking,

Susan Slavney

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