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When using the CIRRUS corrections within CRISM CAT I obtain an error - part of which is "no good data found".
I know that CIRRUS corrections are generally unnecessary with TRR3 data, but the extra pre-processing really helps further on in my analysis.

The destriping step is performed correctly, and I obtain an output image, so data exists.
I have read the help file and taken a look at the .pro files for these corrections so that I can see what is going on, and varied my input parameters (spatial/spectral kernel size - yet always leaving spectral smoothing at 0) but to no avail.

As I understand, in order to flag a spike neighboring spectral bands must both be higher or lower than the current band being examined. To remove these spikes, the spectrum at each pixel is divided by the mean spectrum of each band. The spectrum at each pixel is also divided by an albedo image (the average spectrum across all pixels).

I am guessing that somewhere during this division process is where this error occurs, but the fact that a valid destripe image is used as input for the despiking makes me confused about the "no good data" message.

I should also say that I don't get this error for all images, only a few. For example, FRTC815 gives this error. But FRT3E12 does not.


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