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Attempt to call undefined procedure: 'CAT_IMAGE_MOVE_EVENT'


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When attempting to load an image file within ENVI Classic we see the following error. "Attempt to call undefined procedure: 'CAT_IMAGE_MOVE_EVENT'"

ENVI Classic 5.7, CAT for ENVI version 7.4 (Classic)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch ENVI Classic
  2. Select File - Open Image File
  3. Select an image file, for testing purposes I've been using C:\Program Files\Harris\ENVI57\classic\data\bhtmref.img
  4. Click Load Band
  5. The warning message appears, once you click OK ENVI Classic closes
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Thank you for your reply Feng. The software is used in a classroom environment and the instructor has asked that we set it up for ENVI Classic. I'll work with them to see what I can do.

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