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ODE - The January 2024 PDS Release 68A of MRO HiRISE data loaded into ODE

June Wang

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January 10, 2024 – MRO HiRISE Updates
- MRO HiRISE DTM data products released through December 1, 2023 (Orbit 81299)

Note: According to the data provider, "Due to the Mars solar conjunction occurring over November of 2023, no data were acquired during this time period. As a result, there are no new EDR or RDR products included in this month's release. This month's release only contains 12 new DTM projects."

New data available through below links
ODE product search page: https://ode.rsl.wustl.edu/mars/indexproductsearch.aspx
ODE map search page: https://ode.rsl.wustl.edu/mars/indexMapSearch.aspx
ODE data holdings page: https://ode.rsl.wustl.edu/odeholdings/Mars_holdings.html  


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