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Problem with using CAT 7.4 "Project Single Cube Data"

Erika Rivera

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I've been getting errors whenever I try to use the Project Single Cube Data:

envi_build_glt_doit: An error has occurred during processing

Error: "Attempt to subscript DXS with <INT (1)> is out of range. The result maybe invalid. 

Another error appears after clicking next: Lookup table generation failed.


I'd appreciate any advice/help to resolve this issue. Thank you!


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I tested CAT in different platform and confirm that this issue is platform related. For windows 10, windows server 2019 and below, there is no problem at all. For windows 11 and windows server 2022, or other new OS, the error shows up. I reported this bug to ENVI support but not sure how long it will take to fix this.

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