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New Feature - ODE user login

Dan Scholes

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An optional user login has been added to ODE. It's free and simple to use! Through this feature, users can save product searches, map searches, and product details pages! Past cart history and viewed product detail pages are accessible, as well. Click the anonymous user icon  anonymousUserIcon.jpg in the ODE banner to create an account or sign in. Additional user account information is found in the ODE help or email us at ode@wunder.wustl.edu with questions.


Links to ODE versions

Lunar ODE
Mars ODE
Mercury ODE
Venus ODE

For a quick example, we will display saving a product search result list as a bookmark.

Example of Saving a product search result list (must be logged in):



Click the "Bookmark Search" link. Then enter an optional description and save the bookmark.


Saved bookmarks are accessed from the user icon menu in the ODE banner. From that location, bookmarks, history, and previous cart orders can be accessed. Here we are listing the saved bookmarks. Click a bookmark to open the saved location to a new browser tab.



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