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Trying to merge S (VNIR) and L (IR) into one single cube image


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Hello There,

I'm trying to merge the S (VNIR) and L (IR) into one single cube as discussed in the topic "Complete Near-infrared Spectrum" in the forum.
I go along with the following steps:

1- Download the CTX covers the S/L cubes area in ODE (using Geotiff format CTX product).
2- In CAT, do map projection for both S and L cubes.
3- Register map projected S and L cubes to the CTX product by using "Image Registration Workflow".
4- Rename the attached SL_alignment_v5.txt to  SL_alignment_v5.pro and open it in IDL,  In IDL interface, click "Run', it will ask you select L cubes (results from step 3) , then select S cubes (results from step 3) and output the merged data.

However, the code stops running and the following error has occurred:

% Execution halted at: REVERSE_RASTER_BANDS  144 C:\Users\Rochdi Khalid\Desktop\in_progress\ritchey_analysis\draft\SL_alignment_v5.pro
%                      SL_ALIGNMENT_V5    50 C:\Users\Rochdi Khalid\Desktop\in_progress\ritchey_analysis\draft\SL_alignment_v5.pro
%                      $MAIN$  

You help is much appreciated,



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Hello there,

Please any help concerning my question? I'm trying to dedug the errors occurred in the code above but nothing seems to work as well as "New File Builder" and layer stacking tools. The first requires to have files that share the same size, and second tool gives inconvenient results.

Looking forward to your reply,

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You must join files of the same size, in terms of lines and samples. Subset the larger file using the smaller file to generate a mask of for the smaller size and then use the mask to subset the larger file to fit the size of the smaller file. Then use New File Builder. Read the instructions on doing New File Builder and you will see where you went astray. Rochdi, as before in our many emails, may I suggest that you need to read the documentation before embarking on a new process.


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Hello Sir,

Please I don't clearly understand your instructions above, I read about "New File Builder" from I3harrisgeospatial.com, but it doesn't include what you mentioned, they give only instructions about files of the same size. 


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