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Hello There,

Just to make sure and to erase any doubts I have about the calibrated CRISM directories:

TRDR: this CRISM contains hyperspectral targeted observations converted to units of radiance (I/F), divided into two spectral cubes VNIR (s) and IR (L).

TER: this CRISM directory includes I/F hyperspectral targeted observations with a full spectral range (VNIR-IR), this directory has been corrected for geometric, photometric, atmospheric, and intrumental effects.

MTRDR: Map-projected version of TER directory.

Currently, I'm using TRDR directory in my research but I'm still wondering about the most recommended directory for mineral detection.

Look forward to your reply,

Rochdi Khalid


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Thanks a lot, Sir.
I still have another question, I used ENVI band math to calculate a certain index, the output shows a signle monochrome image as seen below.
By using the mentioned output, I want to display the spectral profile of the bright areas, but the "spectral profile" icon in the ENVI toolbar is disabled, it gives only three options: arbitrary profile, horizental profile, and vertical profile.

Does it occur because the displayed output is one monochrome band? if it's so, how can I fix this, please?

Your help is much appreciated,





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You cannot do a spectrum from a monochrome image. Overlay the spectral index map over the TRDR data. Then select the TRDR data on the ENVI vertical toolbar and then you can see the spectra for bright areas in the spectral index map,  if you move the cursor the the bright pixels in the spectral index map.


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Thanks a lot, Ray. But I came up with this instead, I chose to create two views, one for the preprocessed TRDR data, and other for the spectral index map. Then, I link them together as seen below.
Now, I can see the spectral profile of each pixel I clicked on.


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