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MSL Mastcam / Navcam sequences


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I am an avid user of this data portal to create mosaics / composite images from the Rovers to create Gigapan / Gigamacro images - I have around 1200 Gigapans created to date, 225 Gigamacro images and 2500+ Flickr images derived from NASA / ESA / JAXA data. 


I was wondering if in the future there would be a way to search / select images from one sequence, even if that covers multiple Sols? 


For example, MSL sequence 15298 consists of 37 individual images....  it would be great if we could select the sequence and have it select the RAW Pds data rather than 37 individual clicks of the check box. 


I hope that makes some sense! 


Neal Spence 

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Hi Neal -

  Your question makes perfect sense. In the data search, you can enter a sequence ID as a search criterion. The available sequences will appear as you type, so by entering "15298", for example, the selection box provides the correct sequence ID "mcam15298". Search results will appear on the right side where you can add the found items to your cart from the menu. See the attached image as an example.

You can apply other search criteria as you wish. The default results for MastCam will be DRCX products. If you are looking for XXXX products, try this trick: select "All products" from the "Results view" option at the top of the filter list, and then enter "*XXXX" in the "ID" option at the bottom of the filters. You can further restrict the selection to omit thumbnails by selecting "C" Mastcam data type under the "Type" filter option.


Searching for data by sequence.png

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Many thanks Tom, 


I was unaware of this way of extracting the data as per the sequence number or other criteria, apologies for my ignorance!  - I am extremely grateful for your advice. 


Kind regards




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