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Natural Pictures from Curiosity with Date and Time

Leslie Charles

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I'm trying to find color pictures of the martian terrain with sky that show the natural colors for each Mars season.  For southern hemisphere late winter I found a suitable picture that includes the date and time the picture was taken, along with the "natural" colors.  See link bellow:




Unfortunately, I have not been able to find anything provided by Curiosity for the seasons (sol = time in martian "days" Curiosity has been on planet) : Spring (≈ sol 40 to 184); Summer (≈ sol 185 to 322); and Autumn (≈ sol > 322).

I need the date and time a picture was taken in order to determine the sun angle, wind speed, dust loading of atmosphere, wind direction, temperature and atmospheric pressure (≈ 2 meter above surface) for the approximate same instant in time (to the nearest hour) the picture was taken.  A time point is important.  From this information I can use the following applications to determine the other data:


Mars24 Sunclock:  http://www.giss.nasa.gov/tools/mars24/ 

JMARS Wind and THEMIS Stamps: http://jmars.mars.asu.edu/

Mars Climate Database: http://www-mars.lmd.jussieu.fr/mcd_python/


Any suggestions anyone has for finding the images (and attached time data) will be awesome!  Please feel free to comment on anything else too.



Leslie Charles


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Hi, Leslie -


  Here is how I find the time and date information. From the PIA image link you gave, the caption says the data are from sol 19. I then went to the Sol tab in the Analyst's Notebook and selected sol 19 from the drop down. Opening the tree menu on the left, I looked through the Mastcam images and found on with plenty of sky. (Remember, the PIA image is part of a mosaic of several Mastcam images stitched together.) Here is a direct lnik to the data product I was looking at: http://an.rsl.wustl.edu/msl/mslbrowser/br2.aspx?tab=solsumm&p=0019MR0000540010100171C00_DRCL


Once the Mastcam image in the above link is open, click on the Product drop down in the menu bar and select PDS label to view the image metadata you are seeking. For example:

MSL:LOCAL_MEAN_SOLAR_TIME           = "Sol-00019M14:29:10.775"LOCAL_TRUE_SOLAR_TIME               = "15:05:01"PLANET_DAY_NUMBER                   = 0019SOLAR_LONGITUDE                     = 160.882
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