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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, Most of the LROC CDRNAC products has both '.img' and '.tif' files. I am assuming that both the files contain images of the same region but the '.img' files have meta data. I have observed that '.img' are typically 300MB and '.tif' files are 30MB in size. I have the following two questions, 1. Why is the '.img' file typically 10 times larger than the '.tif' files ? Is the meta data some huge in size? 2. Some products, for example M1185002263RC does not have a 'tif' file. Is it not available for some products? I am actually creating a mosaic area of 10x10 Km using LROC images of 1.5m/pixel resolution (approx) by stitching them together. I am using MATLAB for this purpose and it can only read '.tif' files. Any help or suggestion would help me in moving forward. Thank You, Shyam.
  2. Hello all, As per the definition of Emission angle given in http://ode.rsl.wustl.edu/moon/pagehelp/quickstartguide/index.html?seach_page.htm#filterbyanglerange, higher values of emission_angle indicate more oblique viewing. Consider the two LROC products M1099037220LC and M1108467737LC with a very close emission angles of 1.78 deg and 1.76 deg respectively. However M1099037220LC appears to be very oblique with elliptical shaped craters and M1108467737LC appears to be nadir looking with almost circular craters. Can you please explain why is it so ? The screenshot of the LROC images are attached for you reference. Thank You, Shyam.
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