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Found 1 result

  1. Consider an image downloaded from the Lunar Orbital Data Explorer (http://ode.rsl.wustl.edu/moon/indexProductSearch.aspx). If you filter the LROC-CDRNAC product by the below location then you will get the image with the product ID M1106080949LC. Minimum Lattitude : 29 and Max Lattitude : 30. Minimum Longitude : 334 and Max Longitude : 335. However if you compare the above image with the LROC image in the below link then you will realize that the images do not match and there is a flip along the vertical line. http://quickmap.lroc.asu.edu/?layers=NrBsFYBoAYchGSJQBYF3gXSaUdZY4Ds%2BC2YAHKYWAJzXlGzNlJGIs0BMttVn5HrwaZBoLtSTAuoDhnIBmaF37ykKpSPLx4UAuhA60ApDpJyaS6HIKCK7Bqc0ng8BTdauFCx17wu3EgCFehcNCTD7CLVXFBZbdQpQUPlRJAUuaP0QDI8sNOAlENJoADooHOg4rXToBWN8cqkivVTFOp9OZuUU5nL250bwAY8y4dqMkv6ChXFJHNkprnHC0E6hxVQpldnWvuGZutV97tntgaCNmaIG7MKidb7ddq5bmFLn2uWpz8Llf0avyUXEuTwOiiIALuCiIe08MOO8KIvXhFHiqLyigoWVRj1Rb3y5Di6MQOWELmBeMsyhxhPSoFBBlWUPhoER3HsJM2KMsTF8MMx6SItNERNe82AKC4eLKCjFcNlYpZZVooqQKHAVKkGpF6vACum7XgPO60BZ1Kq-OgdSt1t84C4XMSa18KggrqSBLsuA9bJqwHAugwTMDXqQgcZNED7PIgZ5sa4o1KRATOLKKedkfayltcMJmCAA&extent=-28.872073427042995%2C26.705657147802196%2C-21.410826670490174%2C30.65888125804206&proj=16 I am assuming that the above link is giving the right image and the image from the Lunar Orbital Data Explorer is flipped. I would to like to know if this is true and if yes then why is there a flip in the image product from Lunar Orbital Data Explorer. Thank You, Shyam.
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