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  1. Hi Keith, Thanks. Hope you can add it to your shapefile. Cheers, Jelmer
  2. Hi, I found an easy way to use the new HiRISE HiView viewer within ArcGIS 10. It is explained on my blog: http://leukvoorj.iivision.com/?p=578 For everything to work I added a column JPIPURL to your HiRISE footprint shapefile. I was wondering if you could maybe add this to your shapefile? Thanks in advance, Jelmer Oosthoek
  3. Hi Keith, Thanks. Yes it is an isolated case. Cheers, Jelmer
  4. Hi, Just want to let you know that I found a small geometry error in the polygon feature with FID=22954 in http://ode.rsl.wustl.edu/mars/datafiles/derived_products/coverageshapefiles/mars/mro/hirise/rdrv11/mars_mro_hirise_rdrv11_c0a.zip (one part of the image PSP_008342_2655_RED). Visual inspection in ArcGIS showed it was not a correct polygon. Cheers, Jelmer
  5. Hi, I was searching for the latest shapefile footprints of THEMIS IR and VIS data. Where can I find these? Thanks in advance, Jelmer Oosthoek
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