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  1. DATA_SET_ID = "MER2-M-PANCAM-5-NORMAL-OPS-V1.0" from: http://an.rsl.wustl.edu/mer/merbrowser/product.aspx?prod=2P127339658UVL0224P2274L2M1 thanks, Mike
  2. Hello, I am currently working on reading the UVL (linearised) UVW (XYZ) Surface Normal files, so as to get an idea of rock/soil facet orientations. I have developed a Matlab code to read these files with their main IEEE4 binary encoded data. I was wondering if there was anywhere where I could read more on these types of files and how to interpret them. For example I'm getting, for a specific pixel, in the three bands: band1: 0.06 band 2: 0.25 band 3: 0 and I can't work out what they are. Are they values in the three axis XYZ that define the surface normal vector? , in that case , in what coordinate frame are they determined?. Also I would like to know the difference between these files and the UVW (XYZ) Surface Normal files. Thank you very much for your time, Mike
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