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  1. Hello,

    How to correctly open and overlay map-projected HiRISE and CRISM products?

    I know that they both should have the same projection (with different pixel size/map scale/spatial resolution).

    But, unexpectedly they opened from the first pixel's location of the first opened raster layer and not accordingly and independently by the map coordinates of each rasters. See attached.





  2. Hello,


    What do I need to define a new mineral Type Locality? How do I search for new minerals that have not yet been defined with a type locality?

    I thought of calculating the RGB color of a target mineral lab reference spectrum, with related summary products and then looking for pixels in the related Browse Product scene that have a similar color. Is it a good way?

    If yes, how do I do the band math on a spectrum instead of on an image? And is there a way to do this with the codes from the directory ‘CAT_ENVI\save_add\CAT_programs\Additions\SummaryParams2014’ ?




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