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  1. Hi June, Really appreciate the quick and thorough response. I now understand how it works and how to get the images from the datasets. I was able to download a sample .img file from the Viking Orbiter data, but I am having some trouble viewing it in Photoshop. I changed the file extension to RAW as suggested in an online tutorial I found, but then it seems I need to adjust certain values in order to process the image properly. Would there be a simpler image tool that you would recommend to open the RAW image files without having to adjust header values and such? Or will this always be the case with these kind of RAW images? Thanks again, Matt
  2. HI, Wondering if the Viking Orbiter image data (VISAB) is missing or not loading on the Mars map explorer? It appears that some quadrants are being loaded on the map for the selected High Resolution Mosaicked layer, but the images themselves are not appearing, only the teal transparency. Am I missing some setting or is the data missing? https://ode.rsl.wustl.edu/mars/indexproductsearch.aspx Help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you. Matt
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