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  1. Hi Susan, this helps indeed a lot, thank you so much! Now I have two follow-up question: 1. Shouldn't there be dataless seed files and the equivalent stationxmls for each terrestrial day in '/data/xb/metadata/elyse/' , instead there are the files for a few days only, or are these files cumulative over time meaning that for example 'dataless.xb.elyse.2019.333.seed' contains the information for all the days up to day 333 in 2019 ? 2. is there any specific order in the collection_data_seed_inventory.csv file, apart from the 'station name'? The order of 'location code' and channel-ID seems rather random. Thanks again, also for the fast reply! Best regards Kevin Growe
  2. Hi, I apologize upfront if this is not the right place to ask but I have checked the SEIS documentation already and could not find the details I am looking for. I am working with the Insight SEIS data, mostly VBB 10 Hz (station code =03) and 20 Hz (station code =02) (channels BHU,BHV,BHW) and I am setting up my python code to download the data directly here from the PDS server. The mseed files for the terrestrial days are named as: xb.elyse.'station_code'.'channel'.'year'.'day'.'number'.mseed . Exemplary url: https://pds-geosciences.wustl.edu/insight/urn-nasa-pds-insight_seis/data/xb/continuous_waveform/elyse/2019/042/xb.elyse.03.bhu.2019.042.11.mseed My problem is that I do not know where the number (takes arbitrary integers between 1-15?) in the naming comes from and where I can obtain it for each file beforehand without having to loop an arbitrary amount of urls until I got the correct number for each file. Thank you very much in advance. Kevin Growe
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