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  1. thankyou for the information sir yes sir I am using the CAT tool using ENVI software. TRR3 data set has FRT(Full Resolution Target) file till 2012 but after that hsv. file (Multispectral data) is present till 2020. So, why hyperspectral data is not available after 2012?
  2. Thankyou for this information sir. So in this case which data product we should use to understand the current scenario of martian surface?
  3. Hello sir, I am Priyanka Kumari currently working on mineral mapping using CRISM Data. I want to know why MROCR_40001 (MTRDR DATA) Is not available after 2012? I need recent mtrdr data for my current research. can you please help to get MTRDR data from 2015 to 2021?
  4. as it is mentioned here that choosing denominator will be similar size spectrally neural dark area nearby numerator. what is the reason of choosing area nearby numerator ? why we are not taking any dark material throughout the images? and how we are getting stretch limit for each of summary parameter?
  5. Hello sir, I am Priyanka Kumari PhD scholar working on CRISM data set using machine learning. The MTRDR data wavelength tab file (frt000094f6_07_wv166j_mtr3) contain wavelength for two detector ,but some band are repetitive (for example band no. 284 in VNIR detector has wavelength 1010.18nm but same band no. 284 for IR detector has 2060.04). (1)So, for band no. 284 which wavelength to consider? (2)how the image are combining that same band number has different wavelength? wavelength to consider?
  6. I am Priyanka Kumari Ph.D. Scholar , working on CRISM DATA . I am using CAT TOOL for preprocessing of CRISM data, but I want to use DISORT model for preprocessing. How can i get DISORT model software?
  7. Hello sir, I am Priyanka Kumari PhD scholar working on CRISM data set using machine learning. I wanted CRISM labelled data set to train the neural network model, how can I get labelled CRISM data set?
  8. hello sir, here you have mentioned sir to divide the volcano scan corrected I/F spectra by a spectrum from the same corrected data for an area that looks like it is spectrally neutral area.? what is process of choosing spectrally neutral area in a corrected i/f image
  9. hello sir, i am PhD scholar currently working on classification of CRISM data . I have some doubt regarding mica type spectral library ,firstly what is the process of getting numerator I/F AND denominator I/F? secondly ,ratioed i/f corrected spectral profile graph range is different from the spectral profile of my matching image(i am using mtr3 dataset)?
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