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  1. Hi Jennifer, thank you for your reply regarding the MSL mission ! Where can I find the official rover localization data sets for the two rovers of the MER mission: Opportunity and Spirit? We are looking for the latitude and longitude coordinates of the two rovers' (Spirit/Opportunity) traverses? Thank you for help in advance !
  2. Hello, Greetings! We would like to know the local latitude/longitude coordinates of the Mars Curiosity rover at the time its ChemCam instrument collected the LIBS spectra and its APXS instrument collected APXS spectra data; how can we find this information? Thank you!
  3. Hello, Greetings! We are interested in reading the raw LIBS EDR spectra data from Curiosity (ChemCam) that have been released on Feb 27, 2013 at http://pds-geosciences.wustl.edu/msl/msl-m-chemcam-libs-2-edr-v1/. The data are in two parts one with *.lbl extension and the other in *.dat extension. We have tried to read one pair of the ChemCam LIBS EDR data using the latest "readpds.pro" routine in IDL (http://pdssbn.astro.umd.edu/tools/tools_readPDS.shtml); we attempted to read the lbl and dat parts; but in either way; there are error messages that we encounter as shown in the following. Our question is: How can we read these ChemCam LIBS EDR data files in IDL? Which tools should we use? Is the IDL-code for reading ChemCam LIBS EDR files available to the public? Thank you all ! Trying to read the lbl file it says: -------------------------------------- ENVI> img = READPDS('cl1_398380569edr_f0030000ccam04010m1.lbl') Now reading header: cl1_398380569edr_f0030000ccam04010m1.lbl Now reading header: ./CCAM_LIBS_ANCILLARY_V4.FMT % POINTPDS: Error: Could Not open data file. If possible, move this file to your local directory and try again. It is located under the label directory in the parent data file. The data file that could not be opened:./CCAM_ANCILLARY_TMPS_V4.FMT % Execution halted at: $MAIN$ ---------------------------------------- Trying to read the .dat file it says: -------------------------------------------------- ENVI> img = READPDS('cl1_398380569edr_f0030000ccam04010m1.dat') Error: label must contain viable PDS_VERSION_ID keyword --------------------------------------------------
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